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Chris Lamb Toubeau
Exploring the way humans and new technology co-exist through my humor and visual symbols.
Amherst, Massachusetts
Have upcoming show at UMass, Amherst, MA. Central Gallery, Sept.24th opening.www.umass.edu/fac/calendar/central/events/ChristineBlue.html

ArtHouse SketchBook

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My Bed is the Center of my World
My idea is to illustrate my days. I am telling the reader about my life and this is THE Center of MY...

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"An Artist's Hands" with Blotch
My hands are uniquely knobby and distinctive. I feel my art energy in my hands and use this energy to let...

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"The Thumb of Death", Ant Heads!
One day in the life of me, ants in my room and I resorted to murder when I saw how many there were.


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